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Over the years we have seen many applicants go through the following stages while looking for a property. Obviously this a big generalization but it is more for you to realise that when you start looking you will find somewhere….in the end.

1) The ‘Let's Go!’ Stage:

You have been to the bank and have a clear budget and requirements. You now want to see everything that is available and you want to see them as fast as you can.

2) The ‘There is nothing out there’ Stage:

You have looked at everything that you wanted to and you have not liked any of them. This is the stage where you lose heart and think of giving up. You still keep an eye out on the websites however as you feel something may come up.

3) The ‘I Give up’ Stage:

That's it! you are done! There is nothing out there and everything you have looked at is not what you want.

4) The ‘Elation’ Stage:

You have been coerced to look at a property. You have decided to go but are still in the stage 3 blues and your heart's not in it. The moment you walk through the door though you realise it is what you have been looking for. Since you have spent so long looking the decision is immediate and you offer on the spot and you know for certain.

We realise that people do buy the first house they see. However the main reason for writing this is that no matter how you feel, you will eventually find the property you are looking for. It just may take longer than you originally think.

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