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Buying a property is expensive. There is no denying it. However, in the end you have a home and that alone is worth it. Below is a list of what you have to pay and a generalisation of the amount as it will differ on what you are buying:

Lawyers Fees

In order to purchase a property you will have to instruct a lawyer to handle the transaction. They will make sure that all the property deeds, mem and arts and all legal sale documents are legally sound, check the property boundaries and many other necessary requirements. The cost of this will vary depending on what you are purchasing but for your first purchase expect to pay between £1000-£3000.

Moving Costs

You can either hire a moving company,  they charge by the day, or you can hire a van and do it yourself which will be around £40 per day.

Stamp Duty

The cost of Stamp Duty depends on your situation and the value of the property. If you are purchasing a property under £350,000 and a first time buyer then you are exempt and will only have to pay an £80 registration fee. However if you are not a first time buyer and are spending over £350,000 then you will have to pay. It will vary and you can find a stamp duty calculator here to help you out.


New Furniture/Appliances

You need to furnish your new home! This could be anything from beanbags (that’s what i did) to couches, TV’s, bedside tables, beds, wardrobes...the list goes on. You have many options and it is entirely down to your budget what you decide to buy. I would however wait until you have paid the other fees (or at least budgeted for them) before you buy.

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